Special projects of Kazakh intelligence agencies or how “democracy” functions in the totalitarian state

Совершенно секретно_002_English

For many Kazakh citizens and not only Kazakh, some information from the one published in this post will seem unusual. But the truth is that the Kazakh National Security Committee (NSCwww.knb.kz) of the Republic of Kazakhstan is present in society in all its spheres right up to the imitation of public activities and entire political parties sitting in the country’s parliament.

State of health as derogatory information

Perhaps it’s better to start small. For example, in the Ministry of Health, dozens of the Kazakh NSC OARs (officers of active reserve) are working. This is done to collect information on the health status of citizens known in the political and public life of the country – ministers, regional governors, heads of large enterprises, rich businessmen, pop, film and television stars, in this flow of information derogatory information is also collected on employees of foreign embassies. The collection of medical information provides the NSC with possible derogatory information, for example, as: venereal diseases – most likely a person has sex with prostitutes, heart disease – if necessary, if any, it is easier to simulate death from a heart attack, tuberculosis – a pretext for exclusion from the civil service, mental disease – easier to recruit or manipulate for specific purposes, etc.

All dictatorships are afraid of students

The Ministry of Education has not bypassed this fate, this government agency is also stuffed with NSC‘s officers of active reserve, even more, since the students are potentially strong protest electorate, then at least one or two NSC agents are present in each group of all the Universities, institutes and colleges of the country. The NSC agent is not an officer of active reserve and not a UOO (undercover operative officer), NSC agent  could be any citizen or non-citizen of Kazakhstan, the age of NSC agents is not limited – from a student to a deeply elder or old woman. Needless to say, Kazakhstani journalism also is completely infected with NSC agents, through whom NSC staff publish the necessary information in the needed perspective.

For example, NSC Colonel Sergey Klimchuk, born in 1971, a fellow student at the Kazakh NSC Academy and protégé of Samat Abish (nephew of president of Kazakhstan), now head of the 5th Department of NSC, fell in love with newspaper “Ratel”, for which he regularly arranges information “leakage”.

Klimchyuk Sergey_001bb
NSC Colonel Sergey Klimchuk, Head of the 5th Department of NSC. The 5th Department of National Security Committee of Republic of Kazakhstan is a counter-intelligence support of law enforcement agencies, in simple terms, this Department controls all law enforcement agencies of Republic of Kazakhstan

5 agents in each team

In every important Kazakhstan institution, according to NSC, according to the internal instruction of the National Security Committee, at least 5 NSC agents must be recruited. These are psychiatric and just large hospitals, departments of the ministries (in the ministries only NSC‘s officers of active reserve are infiltrated, not NSC agents), editions of large and / or influential newspapers and magazines, TV channels, regional education administrations, mayor administrations, NGOs (non-governmental organizations), various social movements (which explains a lot of NSC agents among opposition, activists and human rights defenders), etc.

Косарев Владислав Борисович_001_bb
Vladislav Kossarev, born in 1937, member of the Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defense and Security of Mazhilis of Parliament of Kazakhstan. Secretary of the Central Committee of the CPPK, a deputy of the Mazhilis of Parliament of Kazakhstan. Leader of the “People’s Communists” faction. NSC agent.

Simulation of political opposition

And so, in 2004, after one, or rather the next, criticism by international organizations of Kazakhstan’s government regarding the absence of opposition political parties in the country’s parliament, Akorda (presidential compound) ordered to NSC to address this problem. I won’t start to retell history of destruction of Communist Party of Kazakhstan (CPK) which first Secretary of the Central Committee at that time was Serikbolsyn Abdildin, but I will tell that on this job, to destroy the CPK and on its place create СPPK (Communist People’s Party of Kazakhstan), was appointed Brigadier General of NSC Marat Ossipov, the vice-chairman of NSC of Kazakhstan, the curator of Directorate “R” of 10th Department of NSC of Kazakhstan, who became a head, I would even say, the ideological inspirer of this job whose special project has received a code name “ARTEL”. It was Brigadier General Ossipov who in 2004 started destroying the CPK and creating on its ruins the “Communist People’s Party of Kazakhstan” (CPPK), sitting today in Kazakh Parliament. The first secretary of Central Committee of this political party (CPPK) at the beginning became the NSC agent, Vladislav Kossarev.

Later, as Secretary of Central Committee of CPPK, Brigadier General Ossipov appointed his own nephew, an officer of active reserve, Colonel of NSC, Aikyn Konurov, who from the very beginning of creation of CPPK was a member of the steering committee of this new political party. In CPPK there are two more Secretaries of the Central Committee, but as the reader himself probably already understood, they are there only for scenery.

Айкын Конуров_001
Aikyn Konurov, Secretary of Central Committee, member of Politbureau of Communist People’s Party of Kazakhstan (CPPK), was born on November 28, 1972 in the village Kuibyshev, Kokchetav region. The officer of active reserve of NSC, has the rank of Colonel. Nephew of the Deputy Chairman of NSC of Kazakhstan, Brigadier General of NSC Marat Ossipov.
Deputy Chairman of the NSC of Kazakhstan, Brigadier General Marat Ossipov. Before Karim Massimov became the Chairman of NSC of Kazakhstan, he was in charge of the 10th Department of Protection of the Constitutional system of Kazakhstan (political repressions) and ran the special project “ARTEL”. Nowadays supervises the 2nd Department of Counterintelligence. In his turn Brigadier General Nurgali Bilisbekov is now the head of the special project “ARTEL” and been appointed the curator of the 10th Department. This photo is his first public photo with first time mentioning his name under it.

How earn the employees of Kazakh National Security Committee

The officer of acting reserve, Colonel of NSC Aikyn Konurov, besides political activities, is also engaged in business, it is, so to speak, keeping pace with the era. The entire list of his business projects isn’t known to the author of this post, but it is reliably known that Secretary of Central Committee of CPPK has a construction firm which regularly receives orders for the construction of distribution power plants. It is only possible to guess scope of business of “communist” Konurov if to consider that his uncle, Brigadier General of NSC Marat Ossipov, all illegal income from his service in NSC launders via his nephew. One small example how Brigadier General Ossipov earns on service in NSC: any candidate for deputies to Kazakh Parliament from CPPK should get personal approval of head of special project “ARTEL”, which until recently was Brigadier General Ossipov. Needless to say that Brigadier General Ossipov simply sold every seat in Parliament to CPPK candidates. He did this even to NSC‘s officers of active reserve, since only officers of active reserve (OAR), or agents, or undercover operative officers (UOO) of NSC pass to the parliament from CPPK party.

Омурзаков Турсунбек_001_cc
Tursunbek Omurzakov, undercover operative officer (UOO), Colonel of NSC, retired. On photo he is captured as a deputy of Kazakh Parliament from the CPPK party. The successful businessman, has a holding company called “O’Azamat” (www.oazamat.kz).

For example, there was such a deputy in Kazakh parliament, Tursunbek Omurzakov, who at that time was in the status of an undercover operative officer (UOO) of Directorate “R” of 10th Department of NSC of Kazakhstan, NSC Colonel, now retired. So this Colonel, in his time, for the seat of the deputy had to pay Brigadier General Ossipov $ 1,000,000 dollars. According to people from Brigadier General Ossipov’s entourage, this million dollars was divided between Brigadier General Ossipov, Two-star General Zhumakanov (at that time he was the Deputy Chairman of NSC, later became the Chairman of NSC, and from September 13, 2016, he is appointed Assistant to President of Kazakhstan – Secretary of Security Council of Republic of Kazakhstan), the current head of NSC for Almaty city, Brigadier General Nurlan Mazhilov, who once distinguished himself in the political persecution of leader of political party “ALGA”, Vladimir Kozlov, and another unidentified officer of the 1st Directorate of the 10th Department of NSC. The first three received $ 300,000 each, and the fourth, an unidentified officer of NSC, $ 100,000. For various reasons the second campaign for the deputies, probably it’s more fortunately than unfortunately, for NSC Colonel Omurzakov didn’t work.

Омурзаков Турсунбек_005_bb
Left to right: Serik Tuyakov, Maksut Baimagambetov, Vyacheslav Spitsyn, Yelzhan Tursumbekov, Tursunbek Omurzakov (sitting in the chair). All five have the rank of NSC Colonels. Tursunbek Omurzakov and Yelzhan Tursumbekov are already retired. Tuyakov, Baimagambetov and Spitsyn are acting officers, all three at the time were heads of the Directorate “R” of the 10th Department of NSC “Protection of the Constitutional Order” (political repressions), it is first time their photos are published.
Мажилов Нурлан_002
Actually head of NSC for Almaty city, Brigadier General Nurlan Mazhilov (in the photo, for the time being, Colonel). During taking of a bribe from an undercover operative officer (UOO), NSC Colonel Omurzakov, he held the post of deputy head of the 10th Department “Protection of the Constitutional Order” (political repressions). It is his first public photo and first time his name mentioned on it.
Аида Балаева_001_bb
Head of Domestic Policy Department of the Presidential Office of Kazakhstan, Aida Balaeva, wife of NSC Colonel, Adilbek Dzhussupov, actual head of Directorate “R” of 10th Department of NSC “Protection of  Constitutional Order” (political repressions).

Financial part or corruption paradise

It would be unfair if we ignore the financial component of saga about public life of Kazakh NSC. All such special projects, whether they are realized via NSC, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Justice or another state body, are supervised by Domestic Policy Department of Presidential Office of Kazakhstan. This Department is responsible for social policy, for prevailing ideology in the country, controls activities of political parties, even makes decisions on each deputy of Mazhilis and Senate, whom to be a deputy and senator, and whom should wait. Since 2014, this Department is headed by Mrs. Aida Balaeva, whose husband is actual head of Directorate “R” of 10th Department of NSC “Protection of Constitutional Order” (political repressions), NSC Colonel, Adilbek Dzhussupov. In Kazakh Law on country’s budget there is a secret part related to security and defense. The report on this secret part is never published, it’s classified as “Top Secret”, and NSC officials says that NSC’s secret accounts report is never even conducted. That means, heads of such special projects as “ARTEL” independently decide to submit a request to Domestic Policy Department of Presidential Office of Kazakhstan for a certain amount for necessary current expenses, this can be amounts from $ 1,000 to several tens of millions of dollars $ and above. The money, after the procedure of approving the request, is transferred to special accounts, where from they are then spent at discretion of heads of a special projects of NSC, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Defense, SYRBAR (external Kazakh intelligence agency) and other similar agencies. From the moment of receiving money on special accounts, these amounts are automatically debit off by Domestic Policy Department of Presidential Office, and detailed accounting reports on them are never submitted by anyone to anywhere. Thus, from the special accounts of NSC, Ministry of Internal Affairs, SSS (State Security Service), Agency for Combating Economic and Corruption Crimes (Financial Police), National Anti-Corruption Bureau, SYBBAR (external Kazakh intelligence agency), Ministry of Defense, without a detailed accounting report, in sum, huge budgetary funds are vanish every year,  which could be used on other, workmanship, socially useful purposes. Such a system of functioning of special accounts of these state agencies is a dream of any corrupt official, a corruption paradise.

So, on such pretty simple, even primitive scheme, in this corruption paradise of secret part of state budget of Kazakhstan, according to some NSC officers, annually, without a trace completely disappear to several billions of US dollars, and at the same time all this is legal expenditure of budgetary funds to nowhere by law-enforcement and security agencies. And in situation with special project “ARTEL”, taxpayers’ money goes for imitation of democracy in Kazakh society and country’s parliament, depriving Kazakhstanis of real democracy at their own expense.

Here are disclosed only some details of just one special project of Akorda (presidential compound) and NSC. At the same time, there are several such special projects in Kazakhstan, if not to say a lot, for example, the political party AK ZHOL, party leader Azat Peruashev, is also a special project of Domestic Policy Department of Presidential Office of Kazakhstan, embodied and supervised by NSC. It remains only to guess what amounts, how many tens, and possibly hundreds, millions of US dollars of taxpayers annually disappear without a trace in this special project.


OAR (staff) – is an officer of active reserve of NSC. The OAR can only be NSC officer. Has an age limit, the state of health is also important.

UOO (staff) – is an undercover operative officer of NSC. Undercover NSC officer of extra importance, or as they are also called, particularly valuable agents. UOO as well as OAR can only be an NSC officer.

NSC officers, enlisted in active reserve or in undercover operative officers, remain in their unit, but are sent to some private or state body or company for work, sometimes in other countries. In this position they perform all official functions of that state or private body or company, in other words, they work at new jobs, but their main task remains to carry out activities in the interests of NSC – gathering information, directing the activities of the body, the political party, in the right direction, etc.

NSC agent (non-staff) – can be any Kazakh or no Kazakh citizen. Age is not limited – from a college student, to a retired elderly. The work of NSC agent is paid monthly or nonrecurrent, and there are those who serves as NSC agents for patriotic or other reasons. NSC officers cannot be NSC agents.

Special account – It may be a bank account of any enterprise, institution or company of Kazakhstan, both private and public, which, at the request of Domestic Policy Department of Presidential Office, is used, at a time or permanently, to cash out money for special projects of law-enforcement and security agencies.

Структура КНБ РК_English


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